Things I care about

My spare time projects

Some notes about the things I do in my spare time.


My recent android application including a server side component running on google appengine.

The purpose was to get familiar with the appengine hosting concept & APIs and with the android app-store. I have later included Google Analytics for Android

Freestyler Remote

I joined the project right after the first release, convinced the author to open source it and contributed from that day on.

Since it's a bit tricky to get what it does: It's android app which controls your DMX512-enabled devices from your phone.

I use it to control my Martin Mania SCX-600 Scans.

Marathon Tracker 2011

I created this App to support the runners of the relay marathon run in Duesseldorf. It shows the position of the runners on a map with custom names.


Beside the main projects above I contributed to DELI which is a UA-Prof based device detection lib.

I contributed to java uploader, Apache Cocoon and Jetty