Things I care about


Since you work on average ~1400 hours a year it is quite an important part of your life-time, therefore I would like to share some thoughts on it.

I started as a software developer and I'm now leading a software development team which is a perfect match for the two things I'm mainly interested in: People and Technology.


Team work is a really interesting social experiment. Software development is mainly done in teams and interestingly the aspect of teamwork is often underestimated. Technical problems are usually easier to identify & to solve rather then teamwork issues therefore people tend to focus on the surface issues.

I believe that teambuilding and improving teamwork is crucial to run a successful software development team. Agile methodologies like SCRUM do consider those aspects way better then traditional models like RUP. In a nutshell you should make sure to consider the team aspect in your daily work.


I think that I'm currently working the most exiting area you can think of: mobile technology. Things are moving fast, people getting more & more engaged, and it's kind of a gold rush.

Mobile is so great because it's really personal & relevant for people and it's pure fun to deliver a service into the hands of the user's phones.


I worked on the JSR-290 which was all about mixing Java with web-technologies. I supported the maintenance release of JSR-256 the mobile Sensor API and I commented on the W3C Widget Specification